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Our Chai includes a variety of ingredients that benefit you and your body, including ajwain seeds, black pepper, green cardamom pods, cumin seeds, cinnamon bark, whole cloves and fennel seeds.

"The best way to predict the future is to create it."

ROBYN LYNCH GLOBAL has been created through an awareness of our unity. Our unity with each other, with the universe and with the infinite. It is when we see ourselves as part of the big picture "that is that", that we are able to become fully empowered and co-create our own success and happiness. We are indeed, all Global in our existence.There is an Ayurvedic saying, "Tat vam asi." I am that, all this is that and that's all there is. Are you ready to walk this path, to your unique full potential, personal knowing and success?


What do Oprah Winfrey, Hugh Jackman, Angelina Jolie Richard Branson & Paul McCartney have in common?

That's right, they have a regular meditation practice. Many, many hugely successful people are regular meditators which is one of the contributing factors to why they are so successful and how they are able to maintain their demanding lifestyles. 

So you want the benefits of meditation, you really want to make it part of your life, but you just can't get over the hurdles. This course is designed especially for you - candid, informative, practical and supportive - everything you need to start meditating forever.


"Super Ten" Personal Mentoring Program

  • Have you been trying to create change and found yourself stuck?

  • Do you crave powerful individual results on weight loss, stress release, hormonal balance, clarity, direction, and purpose in life?

Your Radical Reboot Personal Mentoring Program is part of a transformational, targeted program called "Super Ten", where Robyn works exclusively with a group of 10 selected clients personally for 6 months - empowering  you with the right tools to create the life you desire.

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