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Robyn Lynch has a passion for "True Wellness". Her dream is that all people have access to the wisdom of self-knowing that allows each of us to experience our Perfect Health.


As the founder of The Perfect Health Centre, she has facilitated life-change for hundreds of clients. Robyn has a B.Ed and has studied extensively internationally in Ayurvedic Medicine, Yoga, Meditation and breakthrough healing practices. Her qualifications include being an Advanced Ayurvedic Practitioner, holding a Masters from the Chopra Centre University and she is currently a lecturer on the Faculty of IYTA. (International Yoga Teachers Assoc.)


Robyn is a gifted and natural speaker and teacher. Her insight and knowledge combined with a clear, entertaining and engaging style make working with Robyn a powerful, life-changing experience.


Robyn's passion in Ayurveda was truly sparked after teaching High School Nutrition and realizing that the curriculum was failing dismally to empower these adolescents. Not only in the area of nutrition but also in self-awareness, self-love and self-growth.


After leaving teaching to run her full-time Yoga centre, Robyn began her study of the ancient system of medicine with the most qualified and experienced doctor in Australasia, Dr Ajit Singh. It is through this learning that Robyn has founded The Perfect Health Centre and also created a myriad of programs which she has taught with great success to individuals, schools, businesses and corporations.


Ayurveda is the most complete system of medicine and is what is truly meant by the word holistic. Ayurveda was developed so that we (humans) could live a longer and healthier life in order to attain karma (fulfilment of desires), artha, (wealth), dharma (fulfilment of life purpose) and moksha (freedom). It is about creating the complete equilibrium of body, mind and spirit.

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