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In this retreat you will dive deeply into rejuvenation, restoration and re connection. You will have the chance to enjoy luxuriously long yoga classes, expertly guided meditation practices and delicious and nourishing Ayurvedic cooking experiences. You will explore the effect of the rhythms and cycles on your body and mind and learn how to create harmony that leads to radiant health.
This weekend includes:
  • Daily Yoga Practice
  • Vedic Meditation Practices
  • Ayurvedic Cooking Experiences
  • Dosha evaluation
  • Reflection and journaling
  • Advanced Relaxation Techniques
  • Ayurvedic lifestyle practices
And you will also have the space to dance, laugh and maybe even cry!
Your commitment: Dates to be announced


Ayurvedic Constitution analysis
Most Meals
Chai, Herbal teas &
Famous Yoga Cookies

Advanced Relaxation session
Sharing circles
Valuable free time
Evening milk, Friday & Saturday nights

Yoga classes, including Relaxation & Pranayam
Meditation sessions
Ayurvedic cooking experiences


  • Feeling incredibly rejuvenated and reconnected

  • Knowledge of your Ayurvedic constitution and how to balance it

  • Delicious recipes to continue with your journey to vibrant health

  • Doorway to deeper meditation practice

  • New friends, greater self-love and a smile on your face!


Time: 1pm Friday - 12.30pm Sunday
Dates To Be Announced
Total cost: $697 Early Bird (paid 10 days before retreat)
$997 Full price

Join like-minded people for

"Your Radical Reboot - Weekend Retreat"


Dive deeply into an exquisitely blended combination of

Yoga, Meditation & Cooking.

This Retreat Weekend will powerfully changed many lives.
Recent Testimonials
“The amount of information is amazing with our digestion - everything was covered so well.
For me the routine and way of thinking with Ayurvedic food and digestion is starting to become quite 'normal' in my life.
I didn't think I would get there but the change of what I eat and when I eat is starting to make quite a difference.  Bowels are even going well!!”
Shelly, Australia.

“I wanted to let you know that I’ve absolutely SHREDDED at least 6 kg almost overnight with minimal effort and I feel amazing.

Thank you so much for coming into my life!!!


Everything is so much better.”

Michele, NSW.

“I have changed my entire life, my career, my marriage of 30 years, moving house and being on my own and independent for the first time ever. 
These changes have brought me peace that I never thought possible even though they have been hard and filled with heartache at times. 
I have felt nurtured and supported at all times through the process.”
Ros, NSW
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